Barnet LTC – September 2015 Newsletter

Junior Club Championships – postponed

Owing to a lack of entries the Junior Club Championships is now postponed until the Autumn, apart from the 8 and Under competition which will go ahead as planned at 4.30p.m. on Friday. The 8 and Under entry has more players than all the other age groups combined!  All other age groups will run during half term with finals on Sat. 31st October, provided enough players enter. John Hall is sorry for those of you who did enter but Junior Finals Day should be a big occasion at our club showcasing the best juniors in each age group. It should not just have 1 or 2 events with only about 3 or 4 entries in each. It is hoped that enough players enter in the autumn as it would be a massive shame if there was no Junior Club Championships, and it would be the first time this has happened in over 25 years.

On a more positive note, congratulations to Kevin Benedict who recently won the 8 and Under at Bush Hill Park Junior Open, in only his second tournament.

Junior Matchplay Night

Please note that Junior Matchplay Night begins again next Friday (4th September) and runs between 4.30 and 6.30p.m. as usual. Players of all ages are welcome to attend but must be capable of playing a match in whatever size court they are using. The 8 and Under Red tournament will be taking place during the first Junior Night, so only red tournament entries will be able to participate. Junior Night will continue until the last Friday in September. For those who have not been before, Junior Night is supervised matchplay with results being sent to the L.T.A. to count for ratings.

Floodlight booking sheets

As the evenings draw in and the Autumn Tournament gets underway, some members have asked about booking sheets for the floodlights. These will re-commence from Saturday 5th September. We have 5 courts with floodlights. The sheets will be kept in a folder in the shed next to court 8. Floodlight tokens are available from the token machine in the clubhouse. One £3 token gives you 30 minutes of play.  As it cannot be guaranteed that the clubhouse will be open, please make sure you obtain your tokens in advance where possible.


The club tries to maintain a balance between keeping its members and facilities safe and secure, whilst allowing access to all those attending. Following a recent breach of security, members are reminded to keep the main gate closed and where possible, not to give the code out to people who are not members.

Summer League teams and results.

In addition to social tennis, internal competition and coaching, an important aspect of our club is participation in external leagues in Middlesex (weekday evening/weekend (junior)) and Hertfordshire (weekend). This summer we ran 24 teams (5 Junior, 7 Ladies, 12 Men’s). As the season comes to a close, we thought you might like to know how our teams have fared.


Boys 16 and Under - Division winners

Boys 12 and Under - 5th

Mixed 10 and Under - 2nd

Mixed 8 and Under 1st team - 5th

Mixed 8 and Under 2nd team –  3rd


Middlesex 1 – 5th in Div 1

Middlesex 2 - 3rd in Div 5

Middlesex 3 - 4th in Div 7

Hot rackets 1 - 4th in Div 1a  

Hot rackets 2 - 4th in Div 4a

Herts 1 - Div 2B - currently 1st with 1 match to play, so promoted

Herts 2 - Div 4A - currently 4th


Middlesex 1 -4th in Intermediate

Middlesex 2 – 2nd in Div 2 promoted

Middlesex 3 – 5th in Div 5

Middlesex – 5th inDiv 8 

Aegon 1 - stay - Div 2

Aegon 2 - stay - Div 3

Hot rackets – currently 4th in Div 3a

Herts 1 – currently 4th in Championship

Herts 2 – currently 1st in Div 1

Herts 3 – currently 6th in Div 2

Herts 4 – currently 7th in  Div 3

Herts 5 – currently 5th in Div 5

Organising all these fixtures takes a lot of time and effort, so many thanks to our Club Captains, Aran Mustafa and Jane Crowley, Coach John Hall and all the team captains.

A message from captain Nick Madejczyk for all those in the Men’s Middx 4 and Hot rackets squads; there will be an end of season celebration at the club on Saturday 26th September, with tennis from 5pm, followed by pizza and drinks. Others are welcome to come along too.

Wimbledon tickets

As the US Open gets underway, the LTA have confirmed that the system for allocating Wimbledon tickets to clubs will be the same as last year. This means that to be able to participate, club members will need to have a British Tennis Membership and then opt in to the ballot. This will be available on-line from 28th September. There will be lots more information about how to do this in future newsletters.