Barnet LTC – June 2017 Newsletter


 Election Day

Once again, the club will be in use as a polling station on Thursday 8th June. This means that whilst members are welcome to play, access to the clubhouse will be very limited, and if possible, to be avoided.



With summer under way, we are holding a BBQ after Friday Night Social tennis on June 23rd, so please come along and end your week with a good evening of tennis and a burger or two!


Club rules and etiquette

New members will have been sent a copy of our club rules for behaviour and etiquette on court. As courts get busy, it is worth reminding everyone of some of the points that are included:

Please do not cross a court where play is in progress.  Wait for the point to finish, and then ask the player if you may cross.  Use the nearest gate to enter or leave the court, closing it after you.

If your ball strays to the back of a nearby court where play is in progress, wait for the point to finish before retrieving it.

Please do not make any undue noise – please no swearing or racquet throwing. Mobile phones should be on silent or switched off during play.

Please note that, with the exception of competition matches, courts must be vacated at the end of each short set (first to six games, tie break at 6 all) if there are other members waiting to play.  If players are practising rather than playing points they must vacate the court after 20 minutes.  This applies to ALL courts (including the Junior Court(s).

Please note, except during tournament play, no singles play is allowed when ALL courts are in use and two or more members are waiting to play.  This also applies to the Junior Court (s) when other Juniors are waiting to play.



Club Safety

You will have been hopefully received the new gate code. This is to help keep our club safe and secure. With this in mind please also ensure that the gate is kept closed at all times.


British Tennis Membership

As a member of our club, you will have received information about a new British Tennis Membership on offer from LTA. As a member of a registered venue, you will automatically be entitled to Lite Membership, which is free of charge. An additional Team Membership has been launched which costs £20 per year. Please click on the link to see if it might be of interest to you.


Dates for the diary;

Club Finals Day – Saturday 8th July (including BBQ)

Great British Tennis Weekend 2 – Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd July

Lofty Lofts Open Tournament – Monday 24th to Saturday 29th July

October Quiz Night – date tbc

November Casino Night – Saturday 11th November