Club Championships 2019

Draw Sheets and Competition Rules


Club Championships 2019

Draw Sheets and Competition Rules



Men’s Singles

Ladies Singles

Men’s Doubles

Ladies’ Doubles

Mixed Doubles

Men’s B Singles

Men’s C Singles

Ladies’ B Singles

Men’s B Doubles

Men’s C Doubles

Ladies’ B Doubles

Mixed B Doubles

Mixed C Doubles



  1. All competitors must be full adult members of Barnet L.T.C., intermediates, students or juniors with senior status -  it is not open to weekday members.

  2. Finals Day is Saturday 6th July. Please do not enter if you are unable to play on this date. You must be available all afternoon (from 12.00p.m.), so if you have other commitments this day please don’t enter. Please inform the Tournament Referee of any holidays etc. you have booked during the tournament period and you will be advised as to whether you will be able to enter. Players taking long holidays during the tournament has caused considerable problems in previous years. If players do this without giving notice they are liable to be scratched from the tournaments, as it is unfair on other competitors. Players must be available to play on both weekday evenings and weekends. It has caused major problems in recent years when players say they either can’t play during the week or they can’t play at weekends, so you must have some availability on both.

  3. The Closing Date for entries for all events is 18th April. Players who have not paid their club membership fees before 1st May will be scratched from all events.

  4. The draw will be posted on the notice board on the weekend of  20th/21st April. It is every player's responsibility to check the draw to see when they are playing.

  5. Both players/pairs are EQUALLY RESPONSIBLE for contacting their opponents. The player(s) who makes contact must give a choice of at least 3 dates within the play-by dates – at least 1 of these must be a weekend and at least one must be a weekday. If all the dates are refused then a walkover may be claimed. However, players should try to arrange matches within the spirit of a club competition and not deliberately try to engineer walkovers – for example, if players know their opponents are away for 3 days then offering those 3 days is not very sporting! It would also help the smooth running of the draw if the player/pair who qualify last contact the other players/pair to let them know they have played. The match winners must write the result up on the draw sheet. Every year delays are caused because results are not written in. Players may be scratched if they do not write results in as it will be assumed that the match has not been played.

  6. The Tournament Referee is John Hall (Tel: 07713951489 (m), e-mail: His decision in all matters is final.

  7. All matches this year will be the best of 3 sets with a tie break at 6-6 in all sets.

  8. If you would like to enter a doubles event  but have no partner please write ‘Partner Wanted’ on your reply slip. We will then try to find a partner for you. Please do make an attempt to find a partner, as we cannot guarantee that we can pair everybody up.

  9. You can enter on-line via the website or by writing your entry on the list in the clubhouse.

  10. We always aim to involve a wide range of abilities by running ‘A’, ‘B’ and sometimes ‘C’ events depending on numbers. We will follow the same pattern this year but it is difficult to be specific about every event until numbers are known.

  11. Ratings – Singles results will be sent to the L.T.A. to count towards L.T.A. ratings. In order to count towards ratings both players in the match must have current L.T.A. ratings and British Tennis Memberships.

  12. Please observe the L.T.A. code of conduct in all rounds, not just the finals which are umpired.



    *Please note that if you chose to opt out of having your phone number on the membership list in the clubhouse you will probably have to arrange all your matches as your opponents may not be able to contact you.


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Singles Ladder

Singles Ladder

Instead of the singles league this year there will be a ladder competition In this system players are placed initially on the ladder according to past competition performances. The idea is to climb the ladder by challenging players above and if you win you swap places on the ladder with them. There will be a restriction on the number of places above you can challenge. The ladder will be displayed in the clubhouse and the winning player is responsible for writing the score on the results sheet and changing the positions (If necessary) on the ladder at the end of the match.

The length of match will be the same as the singles league, so 2 short sets and a match tie-break decider at peak weekend times (before 1.00p.m.), and at other times players may play 2 conventional sets with a match tie-break decider at 1 set all. More detailed rules will be given out when the competition starts. 

One absolutely vital thing for a ladder to work is that players do not make excuses to avoid challenges from below. The whole point is to get out there and play as many people as you can, and if everyone buys into that a ladder can work really well. So please do not enter unless you are going to be prepared to play people below as well as above you or it ruins the event for everyone. Rules will be in place to help prevent this happening but it would be far better not to have to intervene in arguments over players not making themselves available to play challengers from below. 

Rather than having separate men’s and women’s ladders there will be one mixed ladder. Juniors with adult status will be integrated into the ladder - I may well try to run a separate junior ladder for those who do not have adult status but I will send that out separately. The competition will begin in November and run through until the spring. Unlike the singles league there does not need to be a break to calculate new divisions although things will no doubt slow down round the festive period. 

You can enter either via the on line entry or by writing your name on the entry list on the clubhouse noticeboard. 

Players will need to arrange matches by using the contact list on the clubhouse noticeboard. Members must give their consent to have their contact details displayed on the list. If you have not already done so please complete the survey below to give your consent in order to help the competition run smoothly. The survey also gives you the opportunity to confirm whether or not you give consent for any photographs  or video footage taken at the club to be included in our publicity, or on social media. In the case of under 18s a parent’s contact details should be supplied.

Consent Form


Team Tennis 2018 - 2019

Team Tennis 2018 - 2019

Team Tennis 2018 - Overview of Format

Matches are played usually at weekends starting at 1.00p.m. and normally last between 2 and 2 and a half hours. There is a mixture of Saturday and Sunday matches, so if you are generally unavailable on either day please indicate this on your entry form. If you have very limited weekend availability it would be best not to enter as it only causes headaches for team captains. It would also help team captains if you include a mobile number and an e-mail address on your entry so they can contact you. You can enter either via the on-line entry or by writing your name on the list in the clubhouse. It would be good to have some new people volunteering to be captains, so please help out if possible. It’s often people who are already doing committee jobs who end up being captains too.

Players of all standards are welcome, but only adults whose membership enables them to play at weekends. Students and juniors with adult status can also enter.

Players are put into squads, each of which has a captain. I will give each captain a fixture list. The captain is responsible for liaising with other captains re match arrangements, and also picking 4 players to form a team for each match. There will be rules to limit the amount of matches each player can play, to make sure captains can’t pick their strongest players all the time. Players just turn up for the fixtures they are selected for.

There is an entry fee of £5.00 per player. This can be paid by cheque to ‘Barnet L.T.C.’ or by cash to team captains, who then pass on to The Treasurer. This money pays for the match balls.

Each fixture is made up of 6 sets, with players from each team partnering each other against their opposite numbers in doubles. Each player therefore plays 3 sets, 1 with each player in their team.

A full list of rules (including substitutions, which is always an issue), fixtures and teams will be published after the closing date.

Entry has now CLOSED