Autumn Club Championships 2019

Autumn Club Championships 2019


Autumn Club Championships 2019

Autumn Club Championships 2019

You can enter via the on-line booking system or by writing your entry on the list in the clubhouse. 

Please read the rules and tournament format explanation carefully so you know how the events are being organised. In particular please notice that as last year Men’s and Ladies’ Doubles events (not handicaps) will be 2 sets then a match tie-break if 1 set all. 

Barnet L.T.C. Autumn Club Championships 2019


  1. All competitors must be fully paid up members of Barnet L.T.C. Not open to Weekday or Weekday and Evening members or juniors (other than those with senior status). 

  2.  Finals Day is Sunday 13th October. Please do not enter if you cannot play on this date. Preliminary rounds will take place starting late August/early September. If you are going on holiday during the tournament in September or October please advise the tournament referee who will then make a decision as to whether it is viable for you to enter.

  3. The Closing Date for entries is 15th August. The draw will be posted on the notice board shortly after. If  you will be on holiday on the closing date please remember to enter before you go away! It is every player's responsibility to check the draw to see when they are playing.  You can enter via the on-line booking system using this link.. or by writing your entry on the entry list in the clubhouse.

  4. Please note that both players or pairs are EQUALLY responsible for arranging matches. This is to prevent the situation where players were deliberately not contacting their opponents to try to engineer walkovers. Both players/pairs are now liable to be scratched if matches are not played on time. The player/pair who arrange the match must offer 3 dates to the opponents, at least one of them must be a weekend and at least one must be a weekday evening. After each match the winner(s) must write the result on the club sheet. For singles matches please also write the match scores so we can send the results in to the L.T.A.  Every year delays are caused because results are not written in. Players may be scratched if they do not write results in as it will be assumed that the match has not been played.

  5. The Tournament Referee is John Hall (E-Mail:, Tel: 07713951489). His decision in all matters is final.

  6. All singles matches other than handicaps will be the best of 3 sets with a tie-break at 6-6 in all sets. All doubles matches other than handicaps will be 2 sets with a match tie-break at 1 set all (same as Herts League rules). Handicap events are 1 pro set (first to 9 games with no tie-break). At 8-8 the next game wins (no tie-breaks). 

  7. If you would like to enter a handicap doubles event but have no partner please write `Partner Wanted' on your reply slip. We will then try to find a partner for you. Please do make an attempt to find a partner, as we cannot guarantee to pair everybody up. In the non-handicap doubles partners are drawn so you don’t enter with a partner. 

  8. Players are restricted to a total of 4 events. Please do not over-commit yourself, particularly if you have limited availability. Please do not enter any of the events if you are on holiday for a period of 2 weeks or longer during the tournament, or if you are unavailable on Finals Day. Players must also be prepared to play matches both evenings and weekends, and should otherwise not enter.

  9. Please read the explanations of each format before you enter. The Autumn Mixed Doubles will take place as a 1 day ‘stand alone’ event so isn’t included on this entry form. The date will be announced soon. The Mixed Doubles Handicap is included though.

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