Team Tennis 2017


Team Tennis 2017

Team Tennis 2017 - Overview of Format

Matches are played usually at weekends starting at 1.00p.m. and normally last between 2 and 2 and a half hours. There is a mixture of Saturday and Sunday matches, so if you are generally unavailable on either day please indicate this on your entry form. If you have
very limited weekend availability it would be best not to enter as it only causes headaches for team captains. It would also help team captains if you include a mobile number and an e-mail address on your entry. You can enter either via the on-line entry or by writing yourname on the list in the clubhouse. It would be good to have some new people volunteering to be captains, so please help out if possible. It’s often people who are already doing committee jobs who end up being captains too.

Players of all standards are welcome, but only adults whose membership enables them to play at weekends. Students and juniors with adult status can also enter.

Players are put into squads, each of which has a captain. I will give each captain a fixture list. The captain is responsible for liaising with other captains re match arrangements, and also picking 4 players to form a team for each match. There will be rules to limit the
amount of matches each player can play, to make sure captains can’t pick their strongest players all the time. Players just turn up for the fixtures they are selected for.

There is an entry fee of £5.00 per player. This can be paid by cheque to ‘Barnet L.T.C.’ or by cash to team captains, who then pass on to The Treasurer. This money pays for the match balls.

Each fixture is made up of 6 sets, with players from each team partnering each other against their opposite numbers in doubles. Each player therefore plays 3 sets, 1 with each player in their team.

A full list of rules (including substitutions, which always an issue), fixtures and teams will be published after the closing date. The Closing Date for Entry is 20th October.

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